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Barb Dull

Executive Director

Barb has been with Baptist Senior Services since 2010. Prior to joining Providence at Home in 2021, Barb worked at Providence Point Life Plan community. Helping mature adults find a home in the community turned into a real passion for Barb.

The services Providence At Home offers really hit home with Barb because of her previous experience at Providence Point and because of her years spent working on life planning as a Financial Advisor. In both roles, Barb has worked with many individuals helping them to plan for their future. For a variety of reasons, a Life Plan Community was not an option for many of them. Providence At Home offers a solution that would fill the needs of individuals with similar circumstances.

Barb lives in the South Hills of Pittsburgh. If you ask her how she likes to spend her time she would tell you with her daughter, fur babies, friends and her large extended family.



Julia Wilcox, MD

Medical Director

Julia Wilcox, MD was born in Taiwan, immigrated to US with her family as a young child in 1972. She received BA in biology from Pomona College in Claremont, CA , and graduated from University of Pittsburgh, School of Medicine in 1990.

Dr Wilcox completed residency in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and has been board certified since 1994. She went into private practice in 1994 Medical Rehabilitation, Inc (largest group of Physiatrists in the tri-state area then). In 2015, she left Medical Rehabilitation Inc and started her own company , JW Medical Rehabilitation LLC. Dr Wilcox specializes in inpatient rehabilitation and has been the medical director of rehabilitation services at Providence Point since inception in 2009. Dr Wilcox been part of rehab team/family at Baptist for over 17 years. She is delighted to be part of Providence at Home as she is passionate about delivering quality medical care to enhance one’s quality of life.

Dr Julia is married to Dr Mark Wilcox, and they have two grown sons- Mike is an actor in LA, John is a musician in Nashville.


Ed Denelsbeck

Plan Concierge

Ed Denelsbeck has worked for nearly two decades in geriatrics as a social worker and certified care manager. Having worked alongside countless facility based and community focused programs over the years, he loves to utilize his diverse experience and knowledge of resources to help people overcome difficulties that they encounter in life. One thing he loves even more than problem solving though, is problem prevention. By helping his clientele remain happy and healthy in the present while they plan for the future, Ed knows that they will have a better chance at remaining safe and independent at home for much longer. This makes him an ideal fit for his position with us, serving you as a plan concierge.

Ed lived in several states as a child, but while studying at the University of Pittsburgh, he fell in love with Western Pennsylvania and decided to make it his long term home. During his sophomore year at Pitt, his grandmother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, which was exacerbated by a broken hip. This caused her to need a significant amount of care and supervision, something he and his family were unable to provide, no matter how much they wanted to. As a result, she ended up spending all of her assets very quickly on the cost of a personal care home, something she always said she wanted to avoid.

“The long goodbye of Alzheimers’ was very difficult for my family. Having no knowledge of the disease and no awareness of the available resources made it all the more stressful. It was so hard on me to see her so unhappy and have no way to help her or my family cope with it all.”

It was because of this experience that Ed decided to focus his later studies on geriatric care and psychology and it really is the driving force behind his mission to serve others and help them “Hope for the best, but plan for the worst.” “If they ever build a time machine,” he says, “I’m going back to help my family plan and prepare better for what happened to my Baba. In the meantime, I’m going to do my best to help others get ready so that they hopefully never end up in the situation we were thrown into.”

Outside of work, Ed is a father of three children, an outdoorsman, and a lover of all things musical. When he isn’t serving the community, you can most often find him in his garden, at his cabin in Northern Pennsylvania, or at a concert with his wife and kids.