What is Providence at Home?
Providence at Home is a membership-based program that provides long term care “ensurance.” Our program is designed to be there with you from day 1 throughout your lifetime, proactively assisting you with your health and wellness needs. Keeping you healthy and safe in your own home for as long as possible is our primary objective. If your health changes and you need help to stay in your home, we will coordinate your care and you will receive the financial benefit of your plan of choice.
Who is eligible to apply for membership in Providence at Home?
You are eligible to apply for Providence at Home membership if you are a PA resident, age 55 or older
How do I know this plan will be around long-term?
Baptist Family Services has proven its longevity with over 110 years of service to our community. The program has also been thoroughly reviewed by the PA Department of Insurance.
This model started in the early 1990s in the Philadelphia area. Today, 31 programs operate across the country and serve over 5,000 older adults and growing.
How does Providence at Home help me protect my assets?
As a Providence at Home member, you have a predictable, fixed monthly payment, regardless of the type or duration of care you utilize as your needs change. The daily benefit of your plan will cover as much if not all of the cost of your care needs, protecting your assets. You can then preserve your assets for other purposes that are important to you.
How does the cost compare to a traditional CCRC?
Similar to a standard CCRC contract, a continuing care at home agreement includes a one-time upfront Membership Fee as well as a monthly fee, but the Membership Fee and monthly fee are much lower for a Continuing Care At Home program, and the total expense is lower than moving to the CCRC’s facility.
How does the fee structure for Providence at Home work?
Each plan is customized to your unique needs and circumstance. A Providence at Home membership is comprised of a one-time membership fee based on your age at the time of enrollment and monthly fees you pay as long as you are a member. Based on your specific needs and wants, you choose the membership plan that works best for you.
Are membership fees and monthly fees tax deductible?
Payments to Providence at Home are attributable toward medical expenses. It is best for you to consult with your tax advisor to see if these fees meet the criteria based on your individual financial situation.
When is the best time to join Providence at Home?
The best time to join Providence at Home is NOW, while you are independent. With Providence at Home, you can plan your future, on your own terms, in the home that you love!
My health is good. Do I really need to enroll in the program now?
As with most pre-planning options, there is a medical component to eligibility. Planning ahead when you are at your best affords you many more options than waiting until you already need care. It offers you more choices and more control over your life and your finances.
Is Providence at Home similar to long-term care insurance?
The program we offer is similar to the concept of long-term care insurance, but it is a membership program that offers a broad range of services and support throughout your lifetime, to help you maintain your independence and remain at home.
What is the difference between Providence at Home and private long-term care insurance policies?
The focus of Providence at Home is to help individuals remain in their homes and to stay well for as long as possible. One of the key elements of our program is an emphasis on individualized, personal care. Unlike long-term care insurance, there is no waiting period or “elimination” period before you start receiving benefit payments. Assistance can also begin with just one compromised activity of daily living, whereas long-term care insurance requires at least two.
Would this program work for people who already have long-term care insurance?
Our plans include a lower-cost option that can complement long-term care insurance very nicely. Whether you use your membership as a stand-alone alternative to long-term care insurance or as an extra layer of stability on top of an existing policy, you’ll get the support of personalized care coordination, asset protection and long-term care assistance.
Will the monthly fees increase?
As a nonprofit organization, we try and keep costs as low as possible. The monthly fee is adjusted annually based on the cost of living adjustment.
Is the pricing for one person or two?
The pricing is for each person who joins Providence at Home. We do offer a discount on the membership fee and monthly fee for individuals who live in the same home.
What Services does the Care Concierge provide?
The Plan Concierge really gets to know you. Key tasks of the Plan Concierge include wellness planning, care pre-planning, care coordination, and advocacy for you in the healthcare and long-term care system. This pre-planning keeps you healthy for longer, reduces your chance of moving to a skilled nursing facility, and provides support to your family if you need care.
Do you pay the monthly fees before you need services?
Yes. You begin paying your monthly fees the month that you become a member and you continue to make those monthly payments as long as you remain in our program.