What is Providence at Home?

Baptist Senior Family is proud to launch Providence At Home, a way for BSF to support our neighbors in staying independently in their homes. The Providence At Home program is designed for older adults who are healthy and independent, want security for their future, and are planning to stay in their own home without relying on loved ones for care. Providence At Home is a Membership-based program that offers you autonomy, dignity and peace of mind when you are healthy, while providing immediate flexibility, choices, and financial protection when you need it. Providence at Home is an innovative program focusing on wellness, health and sustaining your lifestyle. You will have many of the benefits of a brick-and-mortar retirement community without having to move out of your own home. If you do decide to move, your services move with you anywhere in the United States.

What are the benefits of Providence At Home?

• Personal Plan Concierge
• Wellness Planning
• Life Plan Coordination
• Protection from the strain on your family of coordinating your care
• Protection of assets
• Fraction of the cost of pay-as-you-go
• Lifetime guarantee of care and services
• Tax deductible fees

Why is a Personal Plan Concierge so valuable?

A Personal Plan Concierge at Providence At Home coordinates and advocates for services for each and every member. We begin with an individualized, person-centered approach to get to know you and what is important to you. The Concierge engages with, challenges, and inspires an individual to live a full, healthy and vibrant life and to define what that even means for the Member. Providence at Home never imposes decisions on Members, but rather works with members to make sure Members understand concerns and options and that their wishes are followed when care or services are delivered. A Personal Plan Concierge will communicate what he or she thinks best supports Members throughout their lives, but the final decision is always the Member’s. Maintaining members’ independence is the most important facet of the Providence At Home program.

When someone joins Providence At Home, they immediately receive the support of the Personal Plan Concierge. From the start, you build a relationship with your Concierge that will continue throughout your lifetime. Most importantly, we will learn about your lifestyle and your preferences through the discussion and assessments, so that you can move from “what if” to “what matters most.” You work in collaboration with your Personal Plan Concierge and a wellness team to develop a wellness program to promote continued independence. In addition, the Personal Plan Concierge empowers members through education and information. Together, you will develop a plan which will emphasize your well-being and preventive care. This plan is designed to help you live vibrantly and actively, maintaining your independence to its fullest potential. A member of your Personal Plan Concierge team is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. When faced with challenges, such as transportation to a procedure, care after a joint replacement or simply supporting your needs as you age, your Personal Plan Concierge will make sure you receive the information and services you need, when you need them, for as long as you need them.

Membership Services and Benefits

A Personal Emergency Response System is provided to members in their homes and on the go. Using ever-evolving technology, we find a simple, easy to use product and through the touch of a button you speak directly to a trained agent for assistance.
An In-Home Functional and Safety Assessment is conducted to assess your functioning and safety within your home and to make recommendations for appropriate adaptations and modifications for you to consider.
Care Coordination Your Personal Plan Concierge will arrange for care and services and ensure that your needs are being met. They will also assist in navigating through the complex maze of Medicare, health insurance and long-term care insurance when applicable.
Home Care Services provide assistance to members in need of support with bathing, dressing, personal care, medication reminders, preparing meals, assistance with eating, as well as light housekeeping, shopping etc.
Nutritional Support/Meals Provides members in need of assistance with two prepared meals per day delivered or prepared by a caregiver in your home.
Transportation Services Provides transportation to and from medically necessary outpatient surgery or short procedures.
Assisted Living, Personal Care & Nursing Facilities Should a member meet the requirements and choose to move to an assisted living residence, personal care home, or skilled nursing home facility, the Personal Plan Concierge will use their expertise and experience to help the member decide what community is best for them prior to the need being present; the final decision belongs to the member. Providence at Home will pay for the facility within the guidelines of the member’s plan option. The Personal Plan Concierge continues to serve as an ongoing advocate and oversees care for the rest of the member’s life.
Referral Services With our network of vetted providers, members may receive discounted rates for additional services which may include:
Legal Help
Financial Planning
Bill Paying
Home Maintenance
Landscape Maintenance
Rental of Medical Equipment

Why join Providence at Home instead of paying for the care when I need it?

• Providence At Home takes a proactive look at your health and wellness. You create a plan with your Personal Plan Concierge to maintain your health and create a map for the future.

• Even if you have the assets to cover your own care, you still need someone to coordinate care and to advocate on your behalf. This can be stressful for your loved ones and for you. With Providence At Home, you have a trusted Personal Plan Concierge to work on your behalf.

• The cost of long-term care is not covered by health insurance and costs continue to increase steadily. This makes it difficult to plan for pay-as-you-go.

• Affording your care is one piece of it, finding staff to provide the care is also a challenge. Providence at Home has relationships with a many providers giving us a wider pool of workers than you’d have on your own.

• Allowing for asset protection. If you feel you have sufficient assets and are comfortable using them all for your care if you need it, then pay-as-you-go works fine. If you have loved ones for whom you’d like to protect your assets, Providence At Home is a great option.

What makes Providence At Home different?

• Personal Plan Concierge to get to know you and your goals.
• Support in creation of an individualized wellness plan to help you remain healthy.
• Provision of services when you need them, whether for a short time or long term.
• High quality care and services immediately when you need them. No elimination periods.
• Assistance in navigating healthcare and insurance systems.

How is Providence At Home different from Long-term Care Insurance?


Long-term Care Insurance Providence At Home
Eligibility for Services Must meet 2 ADL deficiencies and certified need from medical professional Must meet 1 ADL deficiency and Plan Concierge assesses need for services
Elimination Period 30 days – 6 months after application; Certified Medically None, services can start the first day they are needed
Benefit Limit Often Time-limited Lifetime Benefit
Care Coordination Family strains to coordinate, or cost of professional Coordination comes out of benefit Unlimited Care Coordination included
Payment Process You pay for services then submit bills with certification of need for reimbursement Pays Plan Participating Providers directly
Short term Care Short term need usually doesn’t extend past the elimination period Services provided when you need them for as long as you need them.


Cost Comparison for Long-term Care Services

Did you ever wonder:

What do long-term care services really cost in my area? What would paying out of pocket look like? Doesn’t my health insurance cover it?
Home Health Care Pay-as-you-go
Health Insurance only covers short term, limited, acute services like Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and limited nursing
44 hours of care/week – $54,912/year
24/7 care – $227,760/year
Personal Care Home
In PA, no medical insurance covers Assisted Living, Personal Care, or Memory Care PC/AL
$42,600/year base fee
Memory Care
In PA, no medical insurance covers Assisted Living, Personal Care, or Memory Care PC/AL
$50,365/year base fee
Skilled Nursing
In PA insurance will cover a limited number of skilled days for rehab, but not cover long term custodial care.
Private Room $120,450/year
Shared Room $109,500/year
Providence At Home
75 year old entry fee: $63,000 monthly fee $700 ($8400/year)